Sanitation Department

Sanitation Department

Street & Sanitation Director:  Javier Duran  637-4547

The Sanitation Department has 14 employees responsible for landfill operations, waste collections, alley cleanup, and the recycling program.


Foreman: Gonzalo Gonzales

The City operates a regional Type I lined pit and type IV construction and demolition pit under permit #2170 from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and is permitted to take in 75tpd of waste. There are 139 acres of landfill-permitted land along with a successful recycling program. The life expectancy of the landfill at the current time is over 200 years. Waste is accepted by local citizens as well as by anyone in the county and surrounding areas. The Landfill has 4 employees.

The landfill is open from Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm and Saturday from 8:00am -12:00.

A crawler/dozer, a trash compactor, and an elevating scraper are used to compact solid waste daily, cover solid waste weekly, and dig the next solid waste cells.